February 2016

Commanders Message

We need your support!  Our meetings have a turnout of about 10 of the same members, although the Christmas and New Year’s Party had great turn outs, overall attendance is down. The no smoking policy was passed by a vote of 3 to one, the bar and upstairs was redecorated, yet attendance is down. It has become very difficult to support the many obligations and projects that the American Legion is associated with. The Honor Guard is hard pressed to cover the many memorial requests we receive. Many committees have no members and active members are few and far in between. We have problems and we not only need solutions but members to help implement them. We have a suggestion box, we have meetings, and we are all family, Let us work together for the betterment of our post and the betterment of our members. I ask for your support.


Jimmy Josko

Post Commander



The hall construction is also most complete; I would like to thank all those who help make it possible to have it up and running in a few short days.

      Please check your membership card to insure your dues are up to date, the card should have 2016 on the top, effective January 15th your membership dues are $ 45, we will no longer accept checks for $ 35, this increase was NOT made by this Post but by the Department of Florida, and All Legions went up. If your address has changed please let us know so we can fill out the appropriate paper work, I have several paid membership cards that have been returned to the post for the incorrect address, if you paid and have not received your card it could be here.  

      Please do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground, we have trash receptacles and ash trays outside for your convenience please use them, although every attempt is made to keep them empty and clean if you find it full please let a officer or  bartender aware of it , Thank you


Donald "Woody" Woodbury

1st Vice Commander 


Service Officer’s Report

It's with a heavy heart we post that a long time SAL member has passed away, Capt Jack 



Donald "Woody" Woodbury

Service Officer


Chaplains Comer


In a world full of people who couldn't care less, be someone who  cares more.

By swallowing evil words unsaid, no one has ever harmed his stomach.

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the   ground.

Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.


Chaplain Rick Ricciardi



Well another month and year has passed us by. I am hoping 2016 is a great year for all of you. Lots of things at the post are happening with the remodeling of the upstairs which is looking great. A big thank you to all who are involved and a big thanks to Ed Hicks for his work with the Home Depot grant. I think the New Year’s party was a success by the number who attended and lots of thanks go out to all involved to make that happen. It was a pleasure for the SAL to work hand in hand with both the Legionnaires and Ladies Auxiliary on the party. I want to thank our Commander for trying to work with us in making us a part of the family at the post. I would also like to thank the membership for supporting the SAL by participating in the fund raisers we have been doing such as the Lotto tree raffles, show me the money and Friday fish fries. Although the fish fries aren’t really a money maker it’s nice to have something for the post members to give them a reason to get out of the house and come have a couple drinks and a fish dinner. In closing I would like to thank our SAL officers and SAL members who help us in these fundraisers. We could use more members helping as it is a strain on the handful that are constantly donating their time. If you would like to become active in the SAL at the post, please see one of the officers. The SAL intends to do good things for both the post and our charities.


Jim Jacobs

SAL Commander



Hello Ladies:


Our Valentines cards project was held on January 17.  We made 177 valentine cards to be sent to the active servicemen and women.  All of the cards were sent to Afghanistan but to two separate units one of which was a hospital.  Flyers were placed by Children and Youth Chairman, Yolanda Rourke, at the Vet Center and the Community Center.  I would like to thank all the people from these locations and all the children who came, and also the members who attended.  Fine job was done by all.


There will not be a Valentines Party at the VA this year.  Instead there will be a St. Patrick’s Day party which will be held on March 13th at 2PM.  Our unit will be attending and I’m sure we will have as much fun as we have had in the past.


We will be interviewing the candidates for Girl State at our March meeting.  Attending Girl State is a great honor so please try to attend and help make selections.


We will be having our first nominations of officers for our unit at our March meeting with the second nominations at our April meeting.  Elections will be held at our May meeting.  Please start thinking of becoming an officer or nominating someone who you think could do a good job.


Welcome back all the snow birds. We know you are back by the crowds coming to Show Me the Money. Anyone wishing to volunteer, there is a signup sheet on the bulletin board in the ladies room.        


Our annual St. Patrick’s Day Basket of Cheer drawing will be held as usual on St. Patrick’s Day.  Anyone who would like to donate a bottle of liquor to our basket please bring it to the Post and leave it with one of the bartenders.  All donations are welcome. Please have all donations to the post by February 22nd which is the date we will be putting it together and will decorate the hall that night also.


Our Bake Sale will be held on March 20th from 2PM to 5PM in the upstairs hall.  Any member or non-member who would like to bake something is more than welcome to do so.  Please have all baked goods to the Post by 1PM on March 20th.


Once again a reminder regarding MEMBERSHIP.  As mentioned before anyone who has not paid their dues of $25.00 is considered a non-active member.  A list has been given to the Commander who in turn gave the list to the bartenders.  If you have not paid your dues, you will not be served in the lounge.  Please help us make 100%.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to give your honey a hug!!!


Carol McAteer                                            Email: auxiliaryunit271@gmail.com

President                                                    Website: www.alaunit271.org


Blood Drive Chairman

Last month we received 8 donations.  Thank you to those who gave.  Please donate blood if you are able, you will save lives!  Our next blood drive is February 14th so come and give a little Love.

Thank you,
Ed Hicks
Blood Drive Chairman


Honor Guard

As always we are looking for members to join the Honor Guard.  Complete uniforms will be provided.  Contact any Officer in the canteen. Leave your name and phone number where we can contact you.

If you would like a red shirt for red shirt Friday to show your support for our troops, we have a signup sheet in our canteen. If you want your name on the shirt please note it on the signup sheet.


Bob Dymerski

Sergeant At Arms

Honor Guard OIC



Boys State

It's the time of the year to be thinking of qualified young men that we can send to Boys State.  This year we will be sending only 6 boys due to the shortfall in the budget and the increase of cost to attend.  We can send as many as 7 boys to the event so if anyone knows of a business or a private party who would like to support one more boy please contact Ed Hicks or Jay Josko.  The cost this year is $350.00 per boy plus the cost of transportation, still to be determined.  

We want to thank Sons of American Legion for their donation to sponsor two young men.  

This project is one of American Legion's biggest projects of the year.  Please help if you can.  


Thank you,


Ed Hicks

Boys State Chairman


From the IT Desk:

The web site is back up and running, if you would like a notice when it is updated please email me at webmaster@roodwilliaimspost271.com and I’ll put you on the mailing list.

Have a Great American Day,

Andy Heric

Post Adjutant



Buddy & Kathy Carberry                 $20.00       

Donald & Vivian Beck            $20.00       

Terry Beyer                             $20.00

Mort Gauagher                        $20.00       

Milton & Marie Austin            $15.00