Commanders Message


Dear Legionnaires,

Our Post, like many American Legion Posts across the country are facing the challenges of surviving into the next decade. Our core members are older and unless we convince younger members to join and participate it is just a matter of time before we will cease to exist. This is just the cold hard facts. So what can we do?

We can start by remembering the American Legion is a service organization; the exists to support Veterans, family and children of Veterans, and to promote Americanism, as well as setting an example for our children and community to follow.  It should never become just a bar, tavern, or social club for a select few, It should never become a hangout, a watering hole or a place known for cheap booze and inexpensive food. We can start by supporting and participating in Legion activities, we can barely obtain a quorum for our meetings, we have positions that remain unfilled, and attendance at meetings is almost nonexistent.       

We hear complaints and suggestions daily, however few are willing to participate. Of the many issues to address and resolve, we struggle along with resolving personal vendettas and rehashing incidents from years ago. This must stop. If you have issues or complaints, suggestions or comments that's why we have meetings, that is the place for them.

The level of civility among some members is totally unacceptable. The level of professionalism exhibited by our members is a direct reflection on the post. Issues and perceived injustices of the past, incidents and personal issues amongst members have no place in the Legion. We are all personally responsible for our actions. I am asking you all to become part of the solution. Welcome new members, get involved if possible, and have respect for each other.

Accountability of our financial and professional standards will be maintained. All money will be totally accounted for. The accounting and day to day operations of the post are being refined to bring the post up to the highest standards and insure all funds are accounted for at all times . Perhaps some members may be uncomfortable with change, Maybe some members would prefer to keep things as they are. To those members I say, Perhaps this is not the place for you. 

To all members we will run this American Legion Post they way it was created and established many years ago, by the book. No one is superior, no one is inferior and no one is so important that they cannot be replaced. We are family, we are brothers and sisters bound together in the mission to educate, serve and preserve the American way of life. America today is at a cross roads, what direction we take is a result of our collective efforts. Lets us all do our part to insure the health and viability of the American Legion remains strong and respected, and here to help the needs of our Veterans who sacrificed so much for all of us. Remember freedom is not free, it is paid for in the blood and toil, and America is always  only one generation away from losing its freedom, Let’s work together to insure that it  never happens.




Jimmy Josko




I would like to thank all who helped this year with the Labor Day BBQ, There are too many of you to list, to all we couldn't have done it without you!! Membership is at 12 % please check your card to insure you are up to date, it should show 2017; to you who have already paid thank you. We are looking for Volunteers for Tequesta Fest, it's being held on the 19th of November; See the Bartenders or Woody to sign up.


Donald “Woody” Woodbury

1st Vice Commander


Service Officers Report

Sick Call:

Richie Holzbaur

Al “Moose" Johannsen (SAL)


It's with sadness in our Hearts to report the Passing of a long time member and Friend of the Legion, Ronald Marhoffer. 


Donald “Woody” Woodbury

Service Officer


Chaplains Corner

Our actions should be filled with kindness. Kindness is love expressed in practical ways; it is putting the needs of others before our own. It is intentionally considering ways to help others in need.

Are you constantly in conflict with others? Ask God to give you kindness, a tender heart, and a forgiving spirit.


Saw this on a marquee in front of a church and wanted to share it with you:

“Just love everyone, I’ll sort’em out later” - GOD


D.J. “Rick” Ricciardi




I guess it’s time to surface again after a couple months disappearing act. Sometimes with things at home and work it leaves little time for things like writing an article for the newsletter. From what I hear the lawn furniture was well received by the folks who spend time outdoors. The SAL had originally earmarked $10,000.00 to go to the Legion toward improvements that would boost membership. It was our intention to see if we could construct a Tiki bar outside but with the recent interaction from the Tequesta code enforcement we had to put that on the back burner. We decided to buy lawn furniture, install fans in the picnic area and maybe top off with some new lighting and potted plants to make it nice out there for our members who smoke. There have been some requests for us to purchase a TV for the outdoor area which we are also looking in to. We have also been kicking around the idea of having the building painted. We are not sure how much we can do on this list with our $10,000.00 budget but we are looking at all of these items to see what is possible. It is membership time again and we ask that you please pay your dues soon and not drag it out for our first vice. We want to thank all of you for showing up to our fundraisers which include Show me the money, fish fry dinners, our raffle box and other miscellaneous things we do. Your patronage is what makes what we do possible. This year we again gave money to Jerry Thomas Elementary School to fund lunches for children who for whatever reason don’t have a lunch or lunch money. This is our second year doing this and it was very successful last year. We fill in that day or two before the school can contact the parents and straighten out the problem. This way the child gets a hot meal like all the other kids and not a cold cheese sandwich which all the kinds know means you don’t have money for lunch which can lead to harsh comments from the other children. We are looking forward to a good year and our membership working hard to make this Post better than ever. Please do what you can to support this American Legion Post. We could use a few people to step up and offer help to SAL running these fund raising events. If you are interested please see Frank or myself.

Thank you,


Jim Jacobs

SAL Commander


Hello Ladies,


    I hope everyone enjoyed your summer


MEMEBERSHIP: The Auxiliary calendar year is July 1st and ends on June 30th. I understand that our membership cards have only the year on it. That does not change our calendar years. So if you have not paid your dues yet, please do so as soon as you are able. Every year we go to convention and we watch other Unit's get called for having 100 % of their membership. Our membership chairman Claire Drouin has been working hard the past couple of years to reach that 100%. With all the new member she has brought in last year. We still fell short. We take pride in all we do. You are part of WE!!!  Be proud of YOUR unit. Please help us make our 100 % and send in your dues. Senior member’s dues are $35 and the juniors are $10. If you are unable to drop your dues off to the bartenders at the post please mail to:  American Legion Auxiliary Unit 271. 775 U.S. Hwy 1, Tequesta, FL 33458 ATTN: Claire.


The Labor Day BBQ was awesome. It was nice to see all three legs of our family working together.


Please join us for our annual Halloween Party Saturday October 28th In the Canteen.




October 2nd at 11:00 am the Auxiliary District Officers will be joining us for breakfast. All members are welcome


Show Me the Money is every Wednesday at 6:30pm. We have lots of fun. Come join us


The Auxiliary is having a fund raiser on October 22nd upstairs at the post: Magic Mike Review. It is going to be a blast!!! We have limited seating so get your tickets before we sell out. This event is open to the public. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door if available.


December 11th is the 40th Annual Jupiter Tequesta Christmas Parade at 1:00pm. More details later.


We are having a Bake sale December 18th. Our last one was great. Let's make this one Awesome.



Sandy Swafford                                Email:

President                                           Website:


Honor Guard

Honor Guard Drill and Ceremonies at 7pm on the last Tuesday evening of the month.  We have had several members indicate they would like to put in extra time to prepare for next year's Department Convention Color Guard/ Drill Team Competition and we will plan for doing just that this year.  Please be on time.  Uniform for drill will be casual but I suggest that you wear the shoes that you will wear as part of your uniform so you can get used to the way they feel when you practice the drill movements.  Trust me, sneakers and dress shoes are vastly different.

Remember the Honor Guard pays respects to our Departed Comrades the last Sunday of every month at approximately 1100 hours.  We meet at 1000 on the last Sunday for information and briefings regarding upcoming scheduled ceremonies, and to ensure we have correct info to communicate to members for short notice events such as Funeral Details and Memorial Honors.  We also provide a very nice brunch for Honor Guard Members.

Bob Jaegers
Sergeant at Arms


Blood Drive

Last month we received 6 donations.  Thank you to those who gave.  Please donate blood if you are able, you will save lives!  Our next blood drive is October 9th.

Thank you,
Ed Hicks
Blood Drive Chairman


Building Fund Report

We have used all of the Home Depot grant money and we still need a few more things to make our post complete.

1. Carpet upstairs.

2. Smoking area.

3. Paint the outside of building.

          I would like to thank all who have donated to the building fund. We are looking for good fund raising ideas to raise the balance. If any can think of new protects let us know.

Thank you,

Ed Hicks


Boys State

It's that time of the year to start taking applications for Boys State.  If anyone knows of a young man that will be a junior in high school this year please get them in contact with Ed Hicks at the legion or let their guidance counselor at their school know of their interest in the program.  We will be going to the schools to give the dates and information about the program. To read about this great opportunity they can look it up at .

Thank you,

Ed Hicks


From the IT Desk:

If you would like a notice when the web site is updated please email me at and I’ll put you on the mailing list.

Have a Great American Day,

Andy Heric

Post Adjutant


Canteen News

This month is our annual Halloween Costume Contest on the 29th of Oct. Put on your thinking caps and be creative, Prizes to be awarded along with a free buffet.

Bring your friends in challenge them to a game of pool, Tuesday and Thursday's are Free Pool Nights.

Mark your Calendars, Oct 22nd. Prime Rib Night $ 16.95 and for your listening pleasure, we are Featuring WALL STREET.


Donald “Woody” Woodbury

Bar Manager


For the Good of the Post

          We are still in need of some Chairman; the following are the positions open:

Americanism, Children & Youth, Community Service, Post Activities, ROTC, U.S. Navy Sea Cadets Liaison, Oratorical, Scouting &Wreaths Across America. Remember, this is a family Post; you don’t have to be a Legionnaire to chair a program.

          There is an Executive Board member position open. If you would like to serve this fine Post please come to a meeting and volunteer.

Andy Heric

Post Adjutant




Ralph Maxwell                      $40.00

William & Martiza Urbina      $10.00