January 2017 Newsletter


Commanders Message

Happy New Year Greetings to all,


Rejoice the year 2017 has arrived and we are busy celebrating and making our New Year’s resolutions. This past year we lost many fine members; we struggled with many difficult issues, and shared in the pain and glory together as LEGIONNAIRES.  You all deserve recognition for all the hard and difficult work that was accomplished in 2016.  This New Year is full of hope and promise, and together let us strive to make it the best year yet.

I am proud of our officers and E board members who have done so much with so little, I am proud of the Auxiliary and the Sons for the generous help in both people power and donations. I am proud for all who helped in the many activities this past year including the Fishing Event, Tequesta Fest, Memorial Day, and the many other endeavors.

I will propose to the members and E board to hold an awards event to recognize all the individuals who contributed in so many ways in this past year via a dinner event to be held in March. I firmly believe that recognition for work done is not only warranted but necessary to insure the survival of our organization.


God bless you all and God bless America,


Jimmy Josko




I would like to thank all who helped and participated in the JTAA Christmas parade, as usual it was a great success.

There was also a great turnout for our Christmas gift exchange party, thanks to Bob Jaegers For stepping up and performing duties as Santa Claus.

This year's membership is at 65% please check your cards and make sure the year on the top is 2017, I’m sorry for all of you who have received a second notice saying your dues are due, if your card says 2017 your dues have already been paid for this year.

I hope that everyone has a Great New Year's, and wish you all the best.


Donald "Woody" Woodbury

1st Vice Commander




Service Officers Report

Currently in sick call, Miss Mary Jacobs and Richie on Augustinowicz, we wish both of them A quick and speedy recovery, I am happy to report nobody passed away this month.


Donald "Woody" Woodbury

Service Officer


Chaplains Corner


From the beginning of time, God has made it clear that it is not good to stand alone. God did not create us as isolated individuals seeking to achieve our own goals, but rather to be interdependent for success.

During difficult times it is critical that we are walking in fellowship with others. When a crisis hits, it can be overwhelming to face it alone.

If you are not part of the caring community of believers you are missing out on what God designed for you. Be the source of support and encouragement for those around you.


D.J. “Rick” Ricciardi



Hello Ladies,


Happy New Year's Everyone



Your dues are now past due. Please help us make our 100 % and send in your dues.

Senior member’s dues are $35.00 and the juniors are $10.00.

If you are unable to drop your dues off to the bartenders at the Post. Please mail to:

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 271

775 U.S. Hwy 1, Tequesta, Fl 33458

ATTN: Claire


Thank you to all the members that helped decorating the Canteen for Christmas and the upstairs for New Years.


The Palm Beach Pipes and Drums were amazing as always. They enjoyed the food an Auxiliary member made and playing for us. They will be back this year.


The Christmas party was a lot of fun. We had a good turnout. Thank you all for coming. A Big Thank you to Anna D'Ausilio for going around selling tickets for our Chinese Auction


New Years Eve party was Awesome. Let’s do it again next year.


NO MORE COUPONS!!!!!  We are at a standstill on coupons. The person we were sending them to is not well. Please say a prayer for her.


Show Me the Money is every Wednesday. Come join us. Papo will be making food on Wednesday's during season.


I want to send out a Big Thank you To Kerri Adams and all the hard work involved in planning the Wreath's Across America. We will be doing it again next year starting in June.


All members are welcome to attend the ABC School. Saturday the 28th, 9AM-3PM please call if you are going. Thank you 561-574-3596


We are picking Girls Stater's at our February meeting. So please attend.


Sandy Swafford                                Email: auxiliaryunit271@gmail.com

President                                           Website: www.alaunit271.org



Blood Drive

Last month we received 12 donations.  Thank you to those who gave.  Please donate blood if you are able, you will save lives!  Our next blood drive is February 5th.


Thank you,

Ed Hicks

Blood Drive Chairman



Building Fund Report

Balance: $400.00

We have used all of the Home Depot grant money and we still need a few more things to make our post complete.

1. Carpet upstairs.

2. Smoking area.

3. Paint the outside of building.

I would like to thank all who have donated to the building fund. We are looking for good fund raising ideas to raise the balance. If any can think of new protects let us know.


Thank you,

Ed Hicks


From the IT Desk

If you would like an email notice if there is a change in the calendar, please email me at webmaster@roodwilliaimspost271.com and I’ll put you on the mailing list.


Have a Great American Day,

Andy Heric

Post Adjutant


Canteen News

Wow, those holidays came and went so quick. I would like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy New Year.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back from up north.

You will notice that we have added 2 soft tip electronic dart boards to the canteen. They are for all to enjoy and are just a dollar donation per 2 games. We will supply the Darts so no worries, just bring your best shots.

We have a karaoke show on Saturday January 14th at 630. Bring your best voice and be prepared to be judged. Not!!!!

On Saturday January 28th (prime rib night) we have Fritz Henery performing.

I would like to encourage everyone to drop a comment or suggestion in the suggestion box located by the sign in book by the front entrance. The Commander is the only one with a key and reads and addresses every one as long as it doesn't have profanity.  I would appreciate it if you use this box to voice your complaints rather than telling Legion officers as they are here enjoy themselves while they are here. If the comments pertain to Legion business please attend a post meeting on the second Thursday of the month. Please limit conversation about politics, religion, and post business. We are all here to have a positive experience and conversing about those things never really turn out positive.


Peace and prosperity to all throughout the year.


Frank D’Ausilio (acting- bar monitor)



For the Good of the Post

We have the following personalized red shirts ready for pick up:

A red medium polo shirt with “Bill” embroidered on it.

A red medium tee shirt with “Chuck” embroidered on it.

A red large tee shirt with “Jackie” embroidered on it.

A red extra large tee shirt with “Billy” embroidered on it.

Please see a Bartender or a Post Officer to claim them.


Andy Heric

Post Adjutant


Boy’s State

Boys State is American Legions biggest project to help our young people advance in their life. They go to Tallahassee to develop a working Government in one week. As sponsors, we send them at no charge to their families.  We now have 4 young men who have signed up so far .If anyone knows of a junior in high school that would be want to sign please contact me.


Ed Hicks

Boys State Chairman




Wilbur Brandt $200.00 (towards the Building Fund) In Memory of George McNeill

Jerry & Eleanor Chartrand $30.00

Charles & Judith Pina $10.00