Commanders Message



It is my pleasure to update you on the several projects that will be put in to action and completed this year. The building will be painted along with any associated repairs, the colors are being selected and permits will be issued to insure all work is done in the correct manner. The Code enforcement issue is nearing a resolution and final landscaping plans have been approved by the Village of Tequesta, to bring the Legion property up to code, and to match the condition it was when we were annexed into the Village of Tequesta. This will include planting additional plant material as well as trees. In addition the irrigation system will be restored in working order.

Going forward all existing contracts will be reviewed before renewing, to insure we are getting the best price and service, Automatic renewals are a thing of the past. A review of pricing for food and beverage is under way to insure that all funds are accounted for. The kitchen and all costs associated with it will be scrutinized, as we can no longer afford to run deficits. The Expectative Board has decided to stop issuing drink chips, and all existing drink chips must be redeemed by March 31st 2017. This action was necessary as there is no way to account for this program.

Our building is old, as many of our policies and ways of doing business, maintenance of our property was neglected for years and our actions are outdated and no longer effective. To survive we must attract new members, restore our facilities, amend and repair what is not working, and rededicate ourselves to the mission of the American Legion. Please join the effort. We need your support both physical and financial, and we must always remember that we are a Veterans Organization, dedicated to honoring, supporting and helping to preserve the American way of Life.

God Bless you all and God Bless America;
Jimmy Josko,  Commander




I would like to thank everybody who has paid your membership so far this year. We are currently at 80%. Please check your card to ensure that your card says 2017, if not please come to legion and update your card, the dues are $45 a year.

At February's meeting (the second Thursday of the month) we will be drawing 10 names from the entire early bird list. The winners will receive their dues next year (2018) for free! 


Donald "Woody" Woodbury

1st Vice Commander


Service Officers Report


Sick Call:




Brian Gard

George Corry

Harold Clark



Chaplains Corner



One of the sorrows of mankind is that we refuse to take responsibility for our actions. We want to blame others for our problems; our parents did not raise us well; our friends let us down; our employer is not sensitive enough; our spouse is not understanding; there is not enough time in the day… the excuses are plentiful.

Strive always to acknowledge and take responsibility for your own actions.

God will hold us accountable for our own actions, not others.


D.J. “Rick” Ricciardi




Hello Ladies,


Happy Valentine's


MEMEBERSHIP- Names of unpaid members will be given to the bartender

Please mail to:  American Legion Auxiliary Unit 271. 775 U.S. Hwy 1, Tequesta, FL 33458 ATTN: Claire


Thank you to all the members that helped make Valentine cards for our troops over seas.


We are having luncheon upstairs on the 11th 1:00 pm. for Our Department President, Please RSVP 561-574-3596. Your attendance is greatly appreciated.


The VA is having a Valentine's party on the 12th 2- 3:30, please attend. Flyers are hanging in the canteen.


 It's that time of year again, for our Basket of Cheer. Please donate a bottle. We will be putting the basket together on the 23rd in the canteen. Tickets will go on sale as of the 23rd.  Drawing will be held on St Patrick’s Day. Help support your Auxiliary


Show Me the Money is every Wednesday. Our jackpots have been very high. Come join us. Papo will be making food on Wednesday's during season.


If there is anyone interested in chaperoning Girl's Staters in June please inform Grace or myself, thank you.



Thank you and God Bless,

Sandy Swafford                                Email:

President                                           Website:



Honor Guard


Drill & Ceremonies Practice 31 Jan @ 1900.  We will drill outside, under cover in back of post even if it rains.

We are always looking for a few good men and women for our unit.  Post will provide uniforms.  Black dress shoes or boots are up to your preference.

Reminder - please try to attend our monthly HG brunches on the last Sunday of each month.  We will conduct memorial formation for our members who have joined the Post Everlasting.  


For God and Country,


Bob Jaegers

Sergeant at Arms



Blood Drive


Last month we received 12 donations.  Thank you to those who gave.  Please donate blood if you are able, you will save lives!  Our next blood drive is February 5th.  It's great to see all the new members joining our post. If you have any questions about our drive, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,

Ed Hicks

Blood Drive Chairman



Building Fund Report


Balance: $500.00

We have used all of the Home Depot grant money and we still need a few more things to make our post complete.

1. Carpet upstairs.

2. Smoking area.

          I would like to thank all who have donated to the building fund. We are looking for good fund raising ideas to raise the balance. If any can think of new protects let us know.

We will be having a yard sale March 25th please donate gently used items on March 24th, all proceeds will go to the building fund.

Thank you,

Ed Hicks


From the IT Desk:


If you would like an email notice if there is a change in the calendar, please email me at and I’ll put you on the mailing list.

Have a Great American Day,

Andy Heric

Post Adjutant


Canteen News


Its official, I’m the canteen manager. I would like to thank the e-board for their vote of confidence and look forward to serving them and all of tge canteen patrons. 


New years has come and gone along with Martin Luther King JR and the inauguration day of our 45th president. Last month we had Hal Hollander and a bunch of karaoke stars. I had a lot of positive feedback and so Hal and his followers will be back on February 16. Kim Raye will be performing on February 11th for the first time and Rosie Daa on the 25th. Come out and enjoy the fun times.

As I write this bit, the jackpot game hasn’t been hit. Because of its success we are adding another game on Thursday night. It’s very similar but the rules are slightly different. The purpose is always the same, to raise money to support our veterans. 

As always our costs are for materials and services for the post have been going up. We have tried to keep cost as low as possible but we are at a point where we are forced to increase some prices for drinks and food. The increases are minimal and hope you all understand.

I hope to see all of you at the Big Game party on February 5th. Kickoff is at 6:15 or there about. The food will be served between 6:45 and 7:15. If you’re not signed up on the pool, the cost for the buffet will be $7.00 per person. There will be beer and drink specials all night. 


Good health and happiness throughout the year!!!!


Frank D'Ausilio,

Canteen Manager 




For the Good of the Post

We have the following personalized red shirts ready for pick up:

A red medium polo shirt with “Bill” embroidered on it.

A red medium tee shirt with “Chuck” embroidered on it.

A red extra large polo shirt with “Denis” embroidered on it.

A red large tee shirt with “Jackie” embroidered on it.

A red extra large tee shirt with “Billy” embroidered on it.

Please see a Bartender or a Post Officer to claim them.


Andy Heric

Post Adjutant


Boy’s State


Boys State is American Legions biggest project to help our young people advance in their life. They go to Tallahassee to develop a working Government in one week. As sponsors, we send them at no charge to their families.  We now have 7 young men who have signed up so far .If anyone knows of a junior in high school that would be want to sign please contact me.

There will a selection process for our candidate on Feb.16 at 600pm just before or next meeting.

Ed Hicks

Boys State Chairman





Tom Feddersen



Paul & Laura Gurdak


In Memory of RM1C Alexander S. Gurdak

R.W. & Magaret Hardee


In Memory of Jim Humpage

Bethany Humpage



Harry Wicks



Mark Smith & Sandy Robinson



Wayne Miller & Kathy Sapio



Ralph Maxwell



Marrian Merrill



Charles & Judith Pina