Commanders Message


Dear Members,

I am pleased to report that the painting of our American Legion Post is scheduled to be completed this month. This is part of an overall plan to restore the post to its former glory. The Golf outing is scheduled for May 6th and flyers and applications will be available this month. An additional 2 security cameras were installed and we constantly look to improve and secure the security of the post.

I urge our members to become more involved in our mission to support the many projects and organizations that count on us for support. We can only continue with your support both physical and financial to provide for our members, veterans and obligations. Please make an effort to become involved, together we can accomplish much. God Bless you all.

Jimmy Josko





The nomination of officers continue this month. If you have a member you would like to nominate for an officer, please attend the meeting.Itís on the second Thursday and starts at 7 p.m. Saint Patrickís Day went well.Papo did a great job on the food as always.It would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.


Donald "Woody" Woodbury

1st Vice Commander




Service Officers Report


This month we lost a long time member and friend to many Randy Walker also passing this month was another long time member Lionel Smith.


Donald "Woody" Woodbury 

Service Officer



Chaplains Corner



As you go through life you will face moments of great distress. At times it will seem as if these events cause you to stumble. You do not initiate them but they arise from circumstances. Nevertheless, failure can be the end result.

You may feel that your failure has caught God by surprise. Donít think that somehow your failures are bigger or more complex than any God has dealt with. He has made provisions to respond every time you stumble.

If you are facing challenges that seem overwhelming, donít be discouraged, God has already foreseen them and prepared for them.


D.J. ďRickĒ Ricciardi




Hello Ladies,

MEMEBERSHIP: Thank you everyone for paying your dues. We are at 80.78%, so we still have a few more to go. Welcome all of our new members. Thank you so much for joining the Auxiliary. Please join us on the first Thursday of every month. We would love to hear your input and ideals. Our District President Mary Beth Marioni will be attending our April meeting (subject to change).


Please mail dues to:

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 271

775 U.S. Hwy 1, Tequesta,

Fl 33458

ATTN: Claire


Thank you to everyone that donated to our Basket of Cheer. We are very Thankful for your donation. The Legion had an awesome St Patrickís Day. I am sure we could have done better, but the bar ran out of tickets and I wasn't able to get there any sooner to get more tickets. I would like to give a Big Thank you to the Bartenderís, Carol M., Betsy T. and Claire D for taking the time to help sell tickets on St Patty's Day.


April we will be accepting Nominations for Officer's. If you are interested in an office, come to the meeting. You must be there to accept the nominations. Elections will be at our May meeting.


Our Bake Sale is April 9th in the canteen, 9-1. Please have your baked goods to the Legion no later than 8:30.You may bring them in the day before also. Help support your Auxiliary.


May 6th is The Legion golf tournament. It's $125.00 a person at the Jupiter Golf course on Central Blvd. If you would like to sponsor a hole please contact: Commander Jay, Ed Hicks or myself.


Show Me the Money is every Wednesday. Come join us. Papo will be making food during season.


We are doing Dinner on the 14th; Mahi Sliders in observances of Passover.The 28th will be our French Dip sandwich we have every month. (Please check calendar for any changes). We need volunteers to work our Friday night dinners. I will put a signup sheet in the ladies room, or call me at 561-574-3596.


If there is anyone interested in chaperoning Girl's State in June please inform Grace or myself, thank you.


Sign-up sheets for our annual Poppy Drive in the end of May will be hanging in ladies room soon. Please sign up. Thank You.


Thank you and God bless,


Sandy Swafford†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††Email:

President†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††Website:


Honor Guard


A Reminder that the Honor Guard Breakfast is the last Sunday of each month.  We also will conduct a Memorial Guard Mount with Taps in honor of our fallen comrades.


Rifle Squad and Color Guard Ceremonial Drill on second and fourth Monday.  Rain or Shine.


We are looking for a few good men and women from the Legion, SAL and Auxiliary to join the Honor Guard.  Uniforms will be supplied.  Black shoes or black boots are your responsibility.


Bob Jaegers

Sergeant at Arms


Blood Drive


Last month we received 16 donations.  Thank you to those who gave.  Please donate blood if you are able, you will save lives!  Our next blood drive is April 2nd.  It's great to see all the new members joining our post. If you have any questions about our drive, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,

Ed Hicks

Blood Drive Chairman


Building Fund Report

Balance: $1,866.00


We have used all of the Home Depot grant money and we still need a few more things to make our post complete:

1. Carpet upstairs.

2. Smoking area.


I would like to thank all who have donated to the building fund. We are looking for good fund raising ideas to raise the balance. If any can think of new protects let us know.

We will be having a yard sale on March 25th 7AM to 1PM, please donate gently used items on March 24th, all proceeds will go to the building fund.


Thank you,

Ed Hicks


For the Good of the Post


We have the following personalized red shirts ready for pick up:

A red medium polo shirt with ďBillĒ embroidered on it.

A red medium tee shirt with ďChuckĒ embroidered on it.

A red large tee shirt with ďJackieĒ embroidered on it.

A red extra large tee shirt with ďBillyĒ embroidered on it.

Please see a Bartender or a Post Officer to claim them.

Ladies long sleeve tees coming soon, please email me if youíre interested.


Andy Heric

Post Adjutant


Boyís State


Boys State is American Legions biggest project to help our young people advance in their life. They go to Tallahassee to develop a working government in one week. As sponsors, we send them at no charge to their families.We have made our selections and we will be sending 6 young men and we have 3 alternates.We had 9 young men go through our selection process and they were all well qualified. Unfortunately this year we were only able to send 6 students, maybe next year we will have sufficient funds to send all of our deserving applicants.


Ed Hicks

Boys State Chairman




On Thursday May 16th I had the honor of representing the Rood Williams American Legion Post 271 at the Jupiter High School JROTC Awards Ceremony and Ball.  During the awards ceremony five Cadets were awarded the American Legion Award for Academic and/or Military Service.  The five Cadets were Nicole Ignatowicz, Raymond Riley, Tomas Ramirez, Juliet Gray, and Carolina Reyes.  It was a pleasure to meet such fine young people and hear about all the accomplishments of the Cadets and the overall JROTC Program at Jupiter High School.   

Support of the ROTC Program is important to Post 271 as this program helps to nurture future military leaders as well as future American Legion members.  

As always I am looking for anyone interested in helping me support this fine program.  If you are reach out to me at


Thank You,

Harry Malecki

ROTC Chairmain




Jay & Sylvia Simon $200.00 (Building Fund towards Hall Carpet)

Angelo Rodriquez $75.00 (In Memory of Kenny Rourke, Jim Humpage & Al (Moose) Johansen)

Gary Lott $50.00 (Boys State)

Francis Sorrentino $10.00

Joe Vitale $10.00


2017-2018 Elections


The first nomination of Legion Officers was held at the March 9th Meeting.

The second nomination of Legion Officers will be held at the April 13th Meeting.

The election of Legion Officers will be held at the May11th Meeting.


Andy Heric

Post Adjutant




Hey Guys, donít forget to renew your membership. Some of you paid your membership but were short money. I left your cards in the bar drawer, just ask the bartender, pay the difference and get your card. 


Elections are next month. We need people to step up to fill positions. We also need you guys to step up and help out. If we canít get you to help out, we would have to consider raising our membership dues to $100 so we could hire people to help. A hand full of us gets things done. Think of this: Jimmy, Tom, Paul, Charley, George, Ann, Ana and myself cover all the Wednesdays when we do "Show Me the Money". Pretty sad nobody even asks to get involved but have no problem drinking cheap drinks at the bar. This will stop or we will turn in our charter and then Sons won't be welcomed.


Get involved, or donít come around. All of what we do doesnít require you to be physically able, so no excuses as far as Iím concerned. Feeling very frustrated and disappointed.


Frank Dausilio

2nd Vice Commander


Canteen News


Hey all, I hope your March was super great! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported Saint Patrickís Day at the post, it was a bunch of fun from what I was told. I was away that weekend and appreciate our bartenders and all of the Legion Officers that pitched in. Thank you!!!!


I just want to say that our bartenders sometimes donít get enough credit for what they are asked to do. If you sit back and think about it, youíll realize all of what they are asked to do goes above and beyond just serving you your favorite beverage. I want to reiterate that they are in charge of the bar and premises while they are on their shift.  If they feel you have had enough to drink respect their decision. Remember they havenít been drinking, you have. If you feel you are right and they are wrong, bring it up to me, if Iím not there, talk to an Officer. If you arenít satisfied with what we say, bring it up at a Post meeting. All are welcomed to attend the meetings the second Thursday of each month. We/I are far from perfect and sometimes we get things wrong but not very often. I ask all of our members to not get involved with confrontations that the bartenders are dealing with unless you have something positive to add or that would help defuse the situation. 


With April here we are no longer accepting drink chips, until further notice. No exceptions!!!!! 


We have several entertainers this month: Woody on the keyboard, Brett Steele, Hal Hollander (karaoke) and Fritz Henery. Chef Bruce will be starting a steak night on the 13th and then a Ham dinner on Easter. Between Chef Papo, Chef Bruce, the Auxiliary, the Sons and Bernadette we pretty much will have food every night. Stop in or call to see whatís being served. Please be careful around the Post, we have lots of improvements going on. They guys Dave and Chuck are doing a great job. If you have any input, please feel free to put a note in the suggestion box in regards to any and all things.


Thanks for all of your support. 


Frank, Canteen Manager