Commanders Message


Dear Legionnaires,

Our post election has passed and we begin yet another chapter in our service to the American Legion. I remind myself that we embrace change, yet remain loyal to our commitment, "For God and Country". Many who have came before me, and the many that will follow have all contributed to the success of our post and of our mission. The American Legion’s success depends entirely on active membership, participation and volunteerism. The organization belongs to the people it serves and the communities in which it thrives. We must always remember this!

The American Legion is more than a bar, more than a restaurant, more than a local hangout. It exists to serve our Veterans and the Community. I am honored and humbled to play a part in this fantastic organization. Things change, that is the inevitability of life, yet we remain unwavering in our commitments. We need each and every one of you, to do just a little more, to embrace this organization and the mission it supports. The Auxiliary, The Sons, and all the people who together make this possible, I thank you. I know it is difficult in this day and age to do more, give more, trust more, and love more. Individually we can do little, together almost anything is possible.  God bless you all, for all you have done in the past, and for all that looms before us. Together we can make a difference; together we are the AMERICAN LEGION.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jimmy Josko





First I would like to congratulate Dave Pietrafese the new incoming 1st Vice Commander, and all the other new officers and E board members, congratulations on your win.

Now a note on membership, you need to check your membership cards, calendar year 2017 ends July 31, and American Legion calendar year starts August 1, 2018 cards will be here in July! If you would like to be entered into the early bird drawing your dues must be paid by November 30th. All early bird cards go into a pot and 10 names are drawn as winners for free dues for one calendar year. If you are one of the 10 who won this year your card will be automatically mailed to you.


Thank you 

Donald "Woody" Woodbury 

1st Vice Commander


Service Officers Report


I am happy to report that no one has passed away this month. 

Sick Call: Joe Gaudino is in the Jupiter hospital, while Bill Sawford doing well at the VA Hospital. 


Donald "Woody" Woodbury 

Service Officer


Chaplains Corner



Over the centuries, death has been our relentless and unyielding enemy. No one, regardless of worldly rank, strength, or wealth has been able to escape death. As soon as we are born, death becomes our destiny.

Do not allow the fear of death prevent you from experiencing a full and abundant life. Death cannot rob you of the eternal life that is yours through God. He has prepared a place in heaven for you.


D.J. “Rick” Ricciardi



Newly Elected Legion Officers


Commander Jimmy Josko

1st Vice Commander David Pietrafese

2nd Vice Commander Bruce Blumenstein

Finance Officer Harry Malecki

Historian Andrew Heric

Chaplain Joseph Ricciardi

Sergeant At Arms Robert Jaegers

Executive Committee Member John Herring

Executive Committee Member Frederick Landry

Executive Committee Member Sue Malecki

Executive Committee Member Robert Marley

Executive Committee Steve Newell

Appointed Officers:

Adjutant Andrew Heric

Service Officer Jimmy Josko

Judge Advocate Robert Jaegers




Hello Ladies, I hope you everyone had a Happy Mother's day. I would like also to wish everyone that has a birthday this month a Happy Birthday.


Membership: We are still short 11 members to make 100%.We have 43 members that have not renewed. We have some from 2015 that have not renewed. We did make our goal as far as our # of new members.


I would like to say Thank You for all the members who helped with the Memorial Day BBQ. The service at Riverside was very nice as always. Thank you to all that came to the cemetery to place the flags on all of our Fallen soldiers resting place. For all those who helped with the placing poppies on the sticks and placing them at the cemetery This is something we do every year, I hope to see more of our newer members there next year.


Our organization is here to help and honor our men and woman here and abroad. For those who have giving their lives so you can sleep well in your bed at night. So please come to our meeting. We are ALL volunteers here none of us get paid to do this. We need more people to volunteer for our family events. If you are unable to volunteer, then please come and show your support. Bring your friends and family. Spread the word. Out of 193 members, only 12-14 of the same people help with our fundraisers. Please get involved.


Show me the money is every Wednesday. Come have fun.


We moved our Poppy distribution to November this year due to stories changing their policies.


Attention Auxiliary Members. We voted to change our uniforms. The shirt will stay the same. The only change is Black pants. We are looking at Auxiliary tee shirts for events, and be more comfortable.


We will be placing a box in the canteen to collect school supplies for the upcoming school year, to help our teachers who take money out of their own pockets to insure our kids and grandkids have what they need to learn. For they are the future.


June 17th is Missing in America Project, at 11am- South Florida National Cemetery 6501 Florida state road 7(441).


July 4th the Sea Cadets are putting on their Annual BBQ. Please coming and support these young men and woman. The food is Awesome. They will need volunteers. If we can get enough volunteers we can work in shifts. It is open to the public so tell your friends.


We have our Annual Police awards dinner coming soon. When we set a date we will put a signup sheet in the canteen. You must sign up to attend.


We had our elections and here is the list of new officer’s for 2017-18:

President - Sandra Swafford

1st Vice and Membership- Claire Drouin

Secretary- Betsy Textor

Treasurer- Stephanie Rodriguez

Chaplain- Carol McAteer

Sgt @ Arms- Suzi Bennett

Historian- Alice Odaffer


Thank you to all the officers past, present and future for volunteering your time in helping this organization helping others. If it wasn’t for you all stepping up, every one of our members would lose their membership and privileges to visit American Legions across this great country.


Thank you and God Bless,


Sandy Swafford                                                Email:

President                                                           Website:


Honor Guard


Honor Guard Rifle Squad members Dave Jirikovic, Harry Malecki and Corey Pine joined Sgt at Arms to assist US Army Reserve members providing military burial honors to WWII veteran Clarence Irwin, from Dayton, Ohio, age 96, the recipient of four Purple Heart Medals.  Service was at Riverside Cemetery in Tequesta on Saturday, 20 May.


Drill and Ceremonies (Army Reg 22-5) practice continues the Second and Fourth Monday evenings at 1900 hours.  


Last Sunday of each month is Honor Guard Brunch.  We will honor those members of the Post who have reported to Post Everlasting during the past month.


We are always looking for a few good men and women to join the Honor Guard. The Post will supply uniform items except footwear and socks.  Prior training is not mandatory.  (See paragraph 2, above.)


For God and Country,


Bob Jaegers

Sergeant at Arms  


Blood Drive


Thank you to those who gave during the May drive.  Our next blood drive is July 23th.  Please donate blood if you are able, you will save lives! If you have any questions about our drive, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,

Ed Hicks

Blood Drive Chairman

Building Fund Report

Balance: $3,200.00


For the Good of the Post


We have the following personalized red shirts ready for pick up:

A red medium polo shirt with “Bill” embroidered on it.

A red medium tee shirt with “Chuck” embroidered on it.

A red large tee shirt with “Jackie” embroidered on it.

A red extra large tee shirt with “Billy” embroidered on it.

Please see a Bartender or a Post Officer to claim them.

Ladies long sleeve tees are here.


Andy Heric

Post Adjutant


For the Good of the Post


On behalf of the Post Officers I would like to give Cliff Curtis a “Bravo Zulu” for a job well done for replacing the eagle with a ball on the Post’s Flag pole. This endeavor has been a long time coming and is now completed. Due to his efforts the holiday flag was finally raised again for Memorial Day without the fear of entanglement.


Andy Heric

Post Adjutant


Boy’s State


Boys State will be held June 18th through the 24th. It's time for our young men to go and make our Post proud.  Let's wish them success!


Ed Hicks 

Boys State Chairman




Raymond Magno           $100.00

Chief Bob Greene USN $50.00 ($30-Building/$20-Booster)

Steve Heydt                             $50.00 (In memory of Miles James O’Connor)

Wayne & Kathy Miller $25.00

Manuel Nash                 $15.00                 


Canteen News


Lots going on in the canteen this month. We have music 2 Sunday nights, 2 Saturday nights and karaoke on 3 Thursday nights. Take note of the monthly calendar events which will include all food, entertainment, and legion functions.


Steak night will be held Friday June 9th. Please sign up ASAP so we know how much to purchase but if you forget to sign up you will be put on the bottom of the list and will be served after all those that signed up ahead there will no guarantees that there will be any left.


Due to district meetings upstairs and downstairs canteen will be closed, but a limited bar and breakfast will be served on the patio till 1pm. The inside canteen will reopen after the conference (around 1pm) and then all will back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience but it is great honor for our legion to host this conference. 


I would like welcome Sandra back to our lineup of great bartenders. We truly miss her and hope her recovery from back surgery continues to go well.


I would like to encourage everyone to use the comment/suggestion box. It's is there to help us to better serve all of you. We don’t know unless you tell us.


Thank you for your positive words and patronage always. 


Frank Dausilio, 

Canteen Manager 





SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 2017, 11:00AM


The purpose of the Missing in America Project (MIAP) is to locate, identify and inter the unclaimed cremated remains of American veterans, and the spouses and dependent children of veterans, through the joint efforts of private, state and federal organizations, and to provide honor, respect and dignity to those who have served this country by securing a final resting place for these forgotten heroes.  The Post supports the MIAP, and a Legionnaire from the Post and his wife are active in the project.


On Saturday, June 17, 2017, at 11:00am, MIAP – Florida, with the cooperation of the Boynton Memorial Chapel and Crematory, will be interring 13 veterans and 8 spouses of veterans, with full military honors, at the South Florida National Cemetery located at 6501 Florida State Road 7 (Rt. 441), Lake Worth, FL 33449.  The veterans served in the US Army and Navy during WWI and WWII.  The spouses sacrificed in the absence of their husbands during WWI, WWII and Korea.  The longest that any of these being interred has been unclaimed is since 1956.


All are welcome to attend the service.  If any post or auxiliary member, with or without his/her spouse, would like to participate in the service as a pallbearer, or flag or flower carrier, or for additional information, please contact Paul Markonni at cell 561-445-9299, or email  There will be a rehearsal for participants beginning at 3:00pm on Friday, June 16, 2017 at the cemetery.  Attendance at the rehearsal is preferred but not required.