Commanders Message


American Legion Members,

June marks a milestone of a New beginning for our beloved post. All things change, as time waits for no man. Across the United States legion posts are closing due to the lack of service members who are willing to join, while many of our older veterans pass away. Younger service members are not joining; they have families and interests that many posts do not provide. Our post is embracing the future and it is reflected by the many new faces in our executive board and officers positions.

We must bring in new members; we must focus on the mission of the American Legion, truth, remembrance, constancy, honor, service, veteran’s affairs and rehabilitation, children and youth, loyalty, and Americanism. Sadly a majority of the public see us as a watering hole for a bunch of old and angry people. They have no idea of what we do and the role we play in our community.

We have taken a hard look at our operations and are taking action to educate, improve and put in to action the necessary changes to keep us a powerful voice for veterans and the American Way of life. Change is not easy, change to many is uncomfortable, and in most cases change is hard. I ask for your support to help promote our Post. I welcome your suggestions and invite you all to participate where ever you can, in any way you can to insure we can carry out our mission in 2017. God bless you all and God Bless America.


Jimmy Josko Commander Post 271




A new batch of Dues notices will be mailed out shortly these are for the calendar year 2018.

I want to thank all who have paid their dues in the past, present and future.

It's you, the members, who make the post as successful as it is, without you we would not exist. If you are 1 (one) of the early bird winners you card will be mailed to you.


Thank you 

Donald "Woody" Woodbury 

1st Vice Commander


Service Officers Report


It's with a heavy heart I report and the passing Anthony Di Sarno a longtime member of this post.


Donald "Woody" Woodbury 

Service Officer


Chaplains Corner



Success can distract you as you seek to follow God’s will.

When something spectacular happens, we can easily be sidetracked. The dramatic is far more appealing to us than the mundane.

If you aren’t careful, you may become so distracted by the success you experience that you may never complete what God has planned for you.


D.J. “Rick” Ricciardi





Hello Ladies,

I would like to wish everyone that has a birthday this month a Happy Birthday.


Membership: Congratulations to Claire for winning a award for all of your hard work. It did not go unnoticed. Ladies let’s help Claire this year. Let’s be the first to make 100%. Remember our year is from July to June. If you are an officer for 2017-2018 you must have your dues paid by Installation on July 8th.


Congratulation to this Unit # 271. YOU Won Unit of the Year for our District. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. Your are a wonderful group of women. Ladies let’s All work together to keep this unit strong. And to do that we need your help. Please come to our meeting and help your unit.

Show me the money is every Wednesday. Come have fun. We need volunteers to keep this going. It is a good way for us to make money and help our local veterans.


Attention Auxiliary Members. We voted to change our uniforms. The shirt will stay the same. The only change is Black pants.


July 3 rd We will be placing a box in the canteen to collect school supplies for the upcoming school year, to help our teachers who take money out of their own pockets to insure our kids and grandkids have what they need to learn. For they are the future.


July 4th the Sea Cadets are putting on their Annual BBQ. Please coming and support these young men and woman. The food is Awesome. It is open to the public so tell your friends.


August 5th We have our Ken Rourke Annual Police awards dinner. There is a signup sheet in the canteen. You must sign up to attend. We are collecting stuffed animals. Please bring stuffed animals to the July meeting so that we will know if we need to order more.


Thank you to all the officers past, present for volunteering your time in helping our organization in helping local Veterans and their family’s

Thank you and God Bless,


Sandy Swafford                                                Email:

President                                                           Website:


Honor Guard


We had a full schedule of events over the past month.  Memorial Day was well and honorably presented.  Drill and Ceremonies practice has been paying dividends.  We will continue to have practice on the second and fourth Mondays at 1900 hours (7pm for the really new members).  We have rendered honors at two burials and a memorial service during the last month.  We also had a dignified Flag Day flag disposal ceremony at the post home.  Dave Pietrafese and Frank Dausilio presented the Colors at the Flag Day Luncheon of the Rotary Club of West Palm Beach and received many compliments, and had a great lunch as a reward.  


We are always looking for a few more good men and women to join the Honor Guard.  Uniforms are provided by the post.  Those Honor Guard members in need of fourregieres (aka ropes) should ask our quartermaster, Andy Heric for the needed items.  We just received a shipment.


Thank you to all who have served, and all who have volunteered to serve, as part of the Post 271 Honor Guard, Color Guard, and Rifle Squad.


Bob Jaegers

Sergeant at Arms  


Blood Drive


Last month we received 10 donations.  Thank you to those who gave.  Please donate blood if you are able, you will save lives!  Our next blood drive is July 23rd. It's great to see all the new members joining our post. If you have any questions about our drive, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,

Ed Hicks

Blood Drive Chairman


Building Fund Report

Balance: $3,535.37


For the Good of the Post


We have the following personalized red shirts ready for pick up:

A red medium polo shirt with “Bill” embroidered on it.

A red medium tee shirt with “Chuck” embroidered on it.

A red large tee shirt with “Jackie” embroidered on it.

A red extra large tee shirt with “Billy” embroidered on it.

Please see a Bartender or a Post Officer to claim them.

Ladies long sleeve tees are here.


Andy Heric

Post Adjutant


Boy’s State


The Six Boys State candidates are on their way!  They were transported by limousine to Post 39 in Vero.  From there they began their journey to Tallahassee joining other Boys State Candidates.  All the young men were very excited and were looking forward to the many facets of government they will learn.  One was even shooting for the prize of being the Governor.  As a chaperone on their travels to and from Post 39, I look forward to hearing about their experience when they return on June 24th.   I will keep everyone updated.


Harry Malecki

Boys State Chairman




Sandra Otto                                       $500.00 In Memory of William “Biff” Shackleton

JosephKojakMcMorrow     $50.00

Walter Mello & Alice               $40.00

Carmen Nadeau                       $30.00


Canteen News


I would like to start by congratulating all the new officers and e-Board members. I’m looking forward to working with all of them. 

We have decided to start up the 300-club again. As soon as all materials are printed we will start signing members up. The first drawing will be October and the party will be in March. Stay tuned!!!


Just want to inform everyone that we will be making frozen drinks on a regular basis. Try them you will love them. They take a little more effort and time but well worth it. 


We have an edition to the bar-top at the south end. It's an electronic trivial game. Try not to get addicted. I’m looking to add a few new games to our line-up. 


Stay cool this summer. I hope all stay well and in good spirits. Btw, we have all of that covered here in the canteen. 


Frank Dausilio, 

Canteen manager